CASE STUDY: Pavestone

Helping customers stay ahead of emerging needs. Pavestone is a dynamic and growing landscape products importer in the UK. Their freight requirements and volumes meant that their shipments were handled by some of the largest international logistics providers.

In early 2006, after several attempts, we were eventually given the opportunity to handle 5 containers from India on a trial basis. Now, several thousand containers later, we handle in excess of 1500 containers per annum into the UK from a host of worldwide origins.

Pavestone chose Concord Asia for our continuous improvement approach to supply chain management. Whether it’s assistance in identifying reliable suppliers, joint overseas visits, or despatching from any of our UK Depots to their end-customers, we are both continually exploring more cost-effective logistics options in order to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive. At times in spite of difficult trading conditions and a slowdown in the landscaping and construction sectors, Pavestone has managed not only to retain a healthy level of profitability but has also expanded into a horizontally integrated full-service building materials provider.


Turning a Partnership into Prosperity. M-Pipe was possibly our first customer in Concord Asia. Since the early 2000’s we have been working very closely in transporting their Oilfield supplies and metal construction products and pipes.

In the early days due to the volume & size of some of the products, M-Pipe shipped their goods on a break-bulk basis which meant that they have to wait for months to collate enough cargo to make it a viable proposition. After discussing freight options at length with us, M-Pipe began shipping using containers and since then their volumes have grown exponentially.

The flexibility of using containers and the proliferation of liner shipping services meant that M-Pipe could now source their products from regions hitherto not possible. We began handling M-Pipe’s logistics from the upper reaches of Alberta Canada (near Alaska) where the temperature dropped to such a degree that the ballpoint pens would not write because the ink had frozen. We even had episodes where our trailers skidded for several yards across frozen desolate factory sites (thankfully no lasting damage was incurred!). All part of a specialised logistics service in order to make M-Pipe a global entity. Nowadays, whether it is heavyweight cargoes out of Houston or specific terminal deliveries in Port Klang, we are proud to be associated with M-Pipe.